Ship Supplies


Cosmic Ship Services stocks an entire supply of fresh, refrigerated, and dry special provisions inside its storage facilities. Daily market purchases and deliveries of fruit and vegetables and dairy goods are made.

Bonded Shops

Cosmic Ship Services carries a large selection of beverages, spirits, cartons of cigarettes, confectionaries, personal care products, hygiene products, and a unique piece of gift articles. In addition, we provide a wide range of electronic products to our customers and the most recent versions of Television, DVD, and even sound system equipment. We also offer garments and luggage so that we can fulfill all of your requirements.

Cabin Shops

All of our locations stock a full line of cabin shops. Soap, bedding, and galley supplies are all readily accessible in various kinds. We furthermore accessorize revamped buildings with equipment sourced from all over the world. We guarantee that all collaborators in the sales process, from procurement sectors to specific seafarers, are satisfied.

Stores for Decks and Engines

Cosmic Ship Services stocks a wide variety of ship accessories and nautical facilities for decks, engines, and cabins. Our domestic storage facilities stock charts, maritime journals, flags, stationeries, protective gear, rust strippers, brushes, toolkits, and much more. We provide engine stores including equipment, fasteners, screws, steel, heavy equipment, and electronic equipment in several power supply ranges to satisfy any implementation, ranging from a simple bulb to some of the most enhanced electronics.